Becoming a Business Virgin Intro (Part 5)

The next day, I arrived to work feeling a little better. My mind was clear and I was ready to do what I had to do. I turned in my doctors notice but this time, there was no complaints or an agitated sigh. As I walked out to my usual shift speaking to everyone as I usually do, I noticed that there was a slight change in my coworkers demeanor. They seemed distance, like they knew something, especially a young lady named Trina. Trina normally asked me how I was doing each day and even was concerned about my health lately.

In the middle of my shift I noticed that my co workers were whispering and looking my way. Suddenly, a manager approached Trina and they walked to his office. After a short conversation, I saw Trina suddenly take off to the employee lot like something wrong. After watching her actions… it hit me… they are about to let me go and I think Trina is my replacement.

After about an hour, my manager Roger came and gave the me the news. Due to my “attendance” (even though I had supporting documents), they had to let me go. As I turned around, I saw Trina return back to work, only this time she was heading out as my replacement.

Honestly, I was in awe. As my manager called my name to get my attention, I turned around. Looking at me like they knew I knew what happened and were expecting for me to lose it. I painfully gave them a smile while thanking them for the opportunity. Seeming somewhat shocked, they informed me that I had to turn in my equipment and that I had a certain amount of time to leave off of the premises.

As I waited on my ride to come and pick me up, I sat down in the locker room trying to hold it together. As I started thinking about how everything played out I suddenly started to cry. It hurt… and that’s all to it. I was angry and frustrated, but yet through the tears… I also felt a sense of relief… it was over and now I’m free. It was at that moment I told myself… I will never put more faith in someone else than myself. I knew that it was time to change but I did not know what to do… at least not yet.

After being let go from that job, it seemed like things got better. My pain ceased 2 weeks after and I was able to spend more time with my children. It seemed like things were on the verge of getting better. Little did I know, life was getting her gloves ready for round two.


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