Becoming a Business Virgin” Intro (Cont. Part 4)

(Click here for yesterday’s post, Part 3)

The results were good. Afterwards, she sent me home with another notice stating that I need to stay home and rest. Considering the scare, I did not waste any time calling in. Now I am not religiously conscious, but I am spiritually free. When I would get stressed out I would call my best friend Stan (who was a preacher) for a peace of mind and prayer. He was the type of guy who would stop and pray for you no matter what he was doing. Matter of fact, it became such a tradition that we eventually called it “A Pause for the Cause” and at this moment I really needed it.

“Hey Stan…” I said in somewhat of a gloomy voice.

“Hey what’s up? Wait a minute… why so sad?” He replied in a concerned tone.

I started to explain my story for probably the hundredth time while the smallest violin was playing my sorrows in the background. Once the explanation was over, we both had a brief moment of silence. Then Stan approached me with an interesting question;

“Well Mea.” He sighed “It sounds to me that it’s time for you to leave, especially since it affecting your health now.”

“I know Stan but…” I started to reply but Stan immediately cut me off.

“What are you afraid of?” He asked.

Kinda thrown off by the unexpected question, I reluctantly replied

“Of not being able to take care of my family Stan. I have been praying that God helps me through it all, but it seems like I am getting nowhere in this situation.”

“How do you know that he is not helping you? Maybe God is trying to get you out of this situation all together but instead you are the one holding on.” He questioned.

I couldn’t do anything but be silent. Sensing my sudden shame, he went on to the next topic.

“Anyway… I know you called for prayer so let’s go ahead and pause for the cause.”

After getting off the phone that night, I remember praying and asking God to give me some type of peace in this situation. I knew that it was eating me up inside but I was afraid to let go. Little did I know that my prayer was going to be answered sooner than I thought.


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