Becoming a Business Virgin” Intro (Cont. Part 3)

Rrrriiinnnggg! Rrrriiinnnggg! Rrrriiinnnggg!

Ahhhhhaaaa! Annoyed that someone woke me up from what I thought was my beauty rest (or at least an attempt) the next day, I answered the phone…

“Hello?” I answered sounding half sleep.

“Hey loser wake up!” Said a familiar voice.

“Hey Mike, what’s up?” I responded while throwing my head under a pillow.

Michael, who is my younger brother always had a knack for being lame and disturbing my rest.

“Get up fool! What time you gotta go to work?”


“Cool well get up cause it’s already 10 and so I can take you to lunch before you go to work.”

“Mike I’m really not in the mood…” I replied sounding somewhat depressed.

“Alright loser I’ll be on my way in a minute… I’ll punch you in the face later (i.e. I love you).”

As he hung up the phone, a grin slowly came across my face. My brother always knew something was wrong but instead of addressing it he always seem to find a solution to take my mind off it. Considering that he drives pretty fast, I got up and got dressed.

As we sat at Chuck a Burger, my stomach started to hurt again this time worse than anytime before. As I slid my food to the side, I laid my head down.  Michael suddenly had a concerned look on his face.

“Mea, you haven’t really touched your food and that’s not like you. Are you sure you okay?”

“No but I’ll be fine, it’s just the job is kind of getting under my skin. The employee morale is very low seems like they don’t care if you have family situations or even the desire to do better. I have been juggling work, school, and spending time with the kids and honestly right now it seems like the job is winning. They consistently force me over and allow coworkers to do what they please. It’s just a headache… That’s all.”

“Well then, if it’s stressing you out that much and then it sounds like it is time for you to go.”

“But Michael, how am I going to pay bills?”

“Mea, you’ll be fine. Don’t you already receive some type of government assistance? Use that while trying to get back on your feet. Don’t worry about it, focus on getting yourself together and accomplishing your goals. I know you are not one to just lounge around.  Plus you need to focus on completing your degree and spend more time around the kids anyway.”

Laying my head on the table, tears started to run down my face cause I knew he was right.

“Mea, I don’t like seeing you like this. Do you need me to take you to the hospital?”

“Naw Mike… just take me to work. I’ll be good.”

Reluctantly, my brother still took me to work. 15 minutes into my shift, the pain returned and this time, I couldn’t even stand. I immediately called my supervisor and requested to take the day off to go to the hospital. I knew that this was probably my last strike in regards to attendance but honestly I was in so much pain that I didn’t even care.  My brother came back to pick me up from work. While chewing me out in the process about how he told me to go to the hospital instead of work and how I am so stubborn, he rushed me to urgent care.



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