Becoming a “Business Virgin” – Intro (Draft)

Business Virgin. A person who is naive, innocent, or inexperienced, in business. (I.e. New to the game. Fresh meat to the lions.) 

The term “Business Virgin” comes to mind when I describe my experience when first launching my business. I was new to the game, hungry for wealth, and determined to succeed. I decided to start a business after two years of consistent disappointment.

At the time, I was a single mother of two who was receiving government assistance, in school, and working a job that didn’t give two pennies about me or my family’s well being. As an instant return representative, I worked at a rental car company sounds simple enough but honestly it was one of the most emotionally draining jobs I’ve ever had. You see the company I worked for had a knack for depleting employee moral. They made it clear that nothing mattered more then the numbers. Day in and day out, I showed up to work loyal like it was a relationship… through sickness and through health or paradise or turmoil I was there. So much to the point that it started to eat away at me physically, mentally, and emotionally. You see the company I worked for had a knack for depleting employee moral.

In the rental car industry at the time, there was no such things as holidays or special occasions. Favoritism was an all time high, and politics was King. Being a young mother, none of this mattered to me, I was more concerned with survival and the stability of my family. Many times, no matter if I had the support or availability, I was forced over and scheduled to work on holidays. In result this affected my performance at school and even started to sabotage my relationship with my children because I was never at home… the best way to put it… I was living to work but instead of being a valued employee, I was only seen as a number.

Now most people will say, “Hey… at least you have a job… and your children should understand”, but I beg to differ. I understand that you have to do what you have to do, but it shouldn’t come to a point where you allow your job to damage your health or make you choose between what your jobs wants and what values in your life. This is where I found myself constantly, waging war between monetary and emotional needs. My job overruled my family and my education. Constantly moving my personal life around, missing classes, and times with my children, it started to become a hindrance to my health and peace of mind.

Consistently working late and waking up early, I felt that everything was closing in on me but instead of stepping back and reevaluating my situation I overlooked it by constantly saying that I needed the money. I will never forget, the times that it sounded like I was committing a crime I’m when I called off due to family issues for when I wanted to take a vacation and spend time with my children. Matter of fact, there was a time I was on my way to work when my son (who was two at the time) suddenly had breathing issues. Totally focused on him, I rushed him to the ER. After visiting the hospital and making sure that he was okay, I rushed back to work, turned in the hospital paperwork to my manager and explained the situation to her hoping that she understood. Instead she just looked at me and said that she was sorry to hear that but it’s still going to count against my attendance because regardless I should have been to work on time. After that day, I really started to dislike coming to work.  It started to feel like a pimple coming to a head, until one day… it popped.


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