Food 4 Thought: Positions don’t matter… people do.

15589629_722341891262964_4441880935258066674_nBefore I started working as a Manager in IT, I took a day to visit the campus and get a tour. During this time I met managers, faculty, and anyone else I needed to know. Then there was a gentleman who worked in housekeeping… he stood in the background working and he never said a word… just cleaned. I remember stopping the current conversations and walking over to him to introduce myself. After we spoke for a min I went on with my day and would speak to him every time I seen him. 7 months later he gave me this book as a gift. He said he that I was different because I took out time to acknowledge him and not many people in management do, so he gave me one of his favorite books. This blew my mind and all I could say was that I was honored. Takeaway for today: Positions don’t matter… people do. 😊 #NewRead4Today #UCanMakeAnImpactOnAnybody


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