Going against the odds!

“Just do it” is my continuing motto for the year and I try to live by it everyday. When I first created my business, I received some doubt from others along the way. Matter of fact, when I submitted my business into a competition shortly after, on of the judges just flat out said that my business someone told me that my businesses wouldnt survive. Hearing that was a low blow but it did not stop me… instead it motivated me.

When I heard that, I realized that no one determines my success. Regardless of what they said, I worked on critiquing my business until it got better. A couple of months ago,  I still put my business idea forth in another competition and won 2nd place. I felt good not just because of the award, but also because of the feedback I received afterwards to help me develop my company even more. This has been a great experience for me and I even look forward to submitting to other competitions in the future. 

Against all odds, I still move forward. I know greatness takes time but I am willing to stick to it. My vision is to become a serial entreprenuer who can teach other businesses how to reach success. With that in mind and with God being my light… I know I won’t fail.  Well… back on my grind…next time, it’ll be first place.


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