Starting over in order  to Accomplish your Goals

Well, I have offically moved and is in the process of getting my home office together as I prepare for my first company’s relaunch in June. Even though I have had my company for 6 years (officially yesterday), it almost feels like I am starting from scratch again… but in a good way.

What brought me to this relaunch is because I felt like I was not as productive in the past years of my company as I could have been. Honestly, I realized that my blessing/curse was that I am a true visionary. I see the big picture, so much so that it affects the details. Which in turn, contributed to me being overloaded. I spent a lot more time being confused and trying to make things perfect. I got to a point that things started to become over bearing, so I had to step back and evaluate my actions. My conclusion…. I was doing too much too early and it caused unnecessary stress. In result, I decided to reevaluate, remove, and restart.

My focus lately has been to keep things as simple as possible and for somethings the goal was to treat it like it was brand new. Each day I focused on something, for example, I reviewed and modified my business plan and PowerPoint to be effective and short. I am establishing an office at home first before moving into an office, and finally I wrote a list of things I needed to get accomplished in the form of milestones. These are the first few steps that I had to take and I must say that I feel alot better.

By doing this, I have learned the value of starting over in order to accomplish your goals.


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