Becoming a Person of Action & not Perfection….

So if you haven’t noticed already, I have been either posting different topics on my blog or haven’t really been writing much at all. Well first of all no I’m not going crazy. The reason being is that I am working on my own challenge of being a person of action in many different areas of my life.

About a week or three ago, I was upset about being at a standstill in my life. When it came to certain areas of my life I felt stuck. I would always get to a point of getting things done, then out the blue one day, I would suddenly stop. With a mixture of me being interested in finding out why and a fan of self examination, I spent a lot of time asking myself questions like: why is my business or social media feel like it’s at a stand still, why do I feel my business is missing something, why am I not making videos that can be used to share knowledge with others, heck why do I feel like I am going in circles? Over and over I would ask these questions. 

One day, I ended up going to my mentor about the situation. I sat down and told him what was on my mind. After I got done and got everything off my chest, he looked at me and simply said, “You are feeling that way because you are trying to make everything perfect instead of letting it flow…. simple is better.”

As I sat down and thought about it… he was right. I always got stuck because I was trying to make things perfect. This reason also played a part with fear. I would not do something because I thought it didn’t look right or sound right. 

In result, I started challenging myself to be a woman of action, areas that made me nervous or uncomfortable, I acted on it. For example, my YouTube channel, I have been posting videos and sharing them with others because I had a fear of being in front of cameras. It really made me nervous at first but as I keep working on them, I find myself becoming more comfortable. I am actually on video #10 and my goal is to post 25 videos and gain 500 subscribers. Now that may not sound like a lot to you but believe me… it is to me but I am determined to do it. Everything takes time, but as long as I am a person of action and not perfection… I will do fine. 😆

So stay tuned and I will keep you informed of my progress!


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