Dress for Success… Because Looking the Part Does Matter


Did you know that your clothes can broadcast your mood? Or that it can take a person at least 10 seconds to determine if your approachable or not?

I remember when I was an administrative assistant with one of my past employers. Now the setting was business casual attire, but considering that my goal was to move up to management, I made a plan. I kept my head low but was friendly, completed my work to the best of my ability, and I dressed equivalent to the managers; blazer, slacks, skirts, dresses, the whole nine so when an opportunity came about and I applied, I was seen as a potential candidate for the job. Needless to say… it worked.

Your appearance speaks volumes to the on looker and if you want to grow in your business or any goal you may have to consider this aspect as you move forward. Most people love attractive people… I know it sounds really shallow… n it is…but it’s true! In addition to your demeanor, your clothes, hair, face, or body type can give a person a gauge on whether to like you or even trust you or not. If you want to move forward, especially as a business owner or professional, you have to play the part to get noticed. Now I’m not saying go in there looking like 007 (unless the role calls for it…) but take out time look like where you want to go or be. 

Don’t know how that looks?

Check out the management and create your own style. Don’t spend a lot of money either, the goodwill is a good place to start. (My favorite place In addition to the clearance section) It’s really not hard, all you have to do is put forth effort and work it! Dress for success and project confidence… because looking the part does matter!


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