Oh No She Didn’t! – Keeping your emotions in check.

One of my favorite commercials as of late is the Snickers bar “Diva Commercials”. Each commercial opens up with an someone who is hungry and becomes this demanding irate diva who wants to spaz out on everyone until he/she grabs a Snicker and eat it. Then after that delicate bite…they suddenly return back to normal and regain consciousness of who they are… Riiiggghhhtttt… instead of Snickers it should be the PMS prevention bar.

Confessions: First of all… this doesn’t apply to me because I’m highly allergic to peanuts (which explains my inner jealously). Second, if I ever find myself that hungry, I am going to ditch the Snickers bar and head for a Subway and order a $5 footlong combo in order to calm my divaness and to prevent the world from experiencing total destruction. (that’s the best way I can describe my diva moment :-).)

Anywho, the moment that these commercials express is a great example of how we can take our personal issues and attitudes and release them on others. I see this very thing happen in business frequently. There are people (in business or a customer) who walks around like they got a chip on their shoulder. Matter of fact, just the other day I was in a fast food line waiting to get an ice cream with my children and the young lady couldn’t seem to get my order right. When I tried to correct her multiple times, I overheard her mumble “that’s what I said” with a slight attitude as she continued to mess up my order. During this time, I had to catch and prevent myself from nailing her to the wall. My initial thought was… this woman go me messed up until finally, it occurred to me that I was not the reason she was having a bad day. 

Having an attitude in the workplace can rub off on the customers, the people you work with, and can have a negative impact on growing your business. We tend to forget that our actions speak for us no matter how we feel and we must be concious of how we are treating others in the process. What’s going on in your life prior has nothing to do with the person that you are dealing with. If it does, you have to remember to maintain your professionalism and do not clock out to tell them what you really think . It doesn’t mean that you are to accept totally what the other person is saying to you, you have to be the bigger person and say what you need to say in a professional manner.

Sometimes people use the most craziest times to vent about issues that has nothing to do with the person that they’re standing in front of. Now this is not right by any means, but it really just gives you a better understanding for you and your position in this situation because he who you will come across that can have an effect on your future. Keep your emotions in check … you have goals to reach.


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