All Money Ain’t Good Money…  Identifying your Business!

Remember when you were a child in school? I can honestly say that most of us went through an identity crisis. Either u were the cool kid, that kid who knew what he/she liked or didn’t like and didn’t care what no one else thought, or that kids that wanted to be everything to everybody. Ahh yes, the one I like to refer to as… the Ping Pong Kid.

It’s funny I brought this up because this example is the same way we can treat ourselves in business when we start chasing the funds.

Let me start off by staying, do not soley start a business because you want to make more money… doing so would leave you chasing that dream to the end of time. You have to have a purpose and you have to address a need. Like the Ping Pong Kid, I have seen so many get into the business for money only to find themselves chasing every opportunity that comes through the door only to end  up with so many different types of opportunities that is far from the initial plan. In result,they end up getting overwhelmed because they really don’t know which way to go, overloading, under paying staff, and leaving themselves open for someone to slip in and take thier place (n sadly its usually someone that they know and kept close to them in the business.) 

Now there is nothing wrong with chasing opportunities, but all money ain’t good money. You have to be able to understand your purpose, (what is your reason for opening the business) and what need are you satisfying (who are you helping by starting this business). Once you make that determination, then it would be easier for you to identify your ideal customer and to choose what opportunities best fits your company services/ products. In other words, take time out to get to know who you are before you fall victim to becoming someone else personal and business wise.


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