Evaluation Check -Doing Business w/ Family

We do business with different people everyday, but the most interesting experiences I have had is with family and friends. The past few years of running a business, I learned a valuable and blunt truth… doing business with/or for family and friends, is not always the best. 

We naturally choose our family first for help and support because we feel they know us best and are on our side… only to let them go in the long run due to issues such as greed, control, jealously, or no real support . Now this doesn’t apply to all family and friends because some are really good, but from a few experiences I’ve learned to reflect on our personal relationship and to make sure that I am taking time out to clarify how I handle business. Just because you know them does not entitle them to any special treatment or access to your entire business unless  you decide to do so. 

Before you take this route make sure that the person you choose is on the same page, earned your trust, and is willing to go the long haul. If you can’t find one to support you… don’t worry and keep moving forward… remember it’s business… not a family reunion.


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