Becoming the Superhero You Were Meant to Be… 

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Me: “When you look at me… what do you see?”

Daughter: “I see a mom who is doing what she can to provide for us. She goes to work everyday and college.”

Son: “Mom, u are like Wonder Woman, or Super Woman, or Batman… but a woman…”

This was the response I received when I asked my children what do they see when they look at me. From time to time, I ask this question not because I need an ego boost, but because I understand that I’m a big influence to my children. 

In so many cases, we become an influence to someone and not even know it. You’ll be amazed how many people watch our actions, our responses to situations, and even listens to our thoughts when we speak. Like a super hero, we are subject to being an impact to others in some shape or form and as I go on my journey, I’m realizing how important this is. Now I’m not saying that you need to change your whole demeanor to be accepted by society, what I’m saying is that once you determine your goals in life, you have to be mindful of your actions and how you want to be perceived, because you don’t know who is watching for inspiration. 

For example, I want to be a positive influence over my children and I want to be a successful business owner, with that in mind I stay aware of my actions and my personal brand by being professional,  compassionate, and a good communicator. 

What if I messed up and made bad choices?

Yes, there will be some times that you will make a bad choice, but so what?  You’re human. How you deal with it is really what determines how the situation is really going to end up. You can’t control the opinions and actions of others, all you can do is worry about yourself. The goal is to once again be mindful, and if a situation arises look for the solution. When you look at a superhero they were not always ready for what was coming their way, but when faced with a difficult situation, they found a solution and moved forward.

State what you want to become and be mindful of how you want to be perceived. You never know, you can be someone else’s superhero who has the ability to save or inspire their life.

Thanks for reading and until next time, stay strong, stay humble, and stay blessed.


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