Identifying Your Emerald City

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. – Jim Rohn

Before you start on your journey to your Emerald City, you must first identify why and where you are going. Have you ever asked yourself;

  • What is your goal in life? 
  • Where do you see yourself in a few days/months/years? 
  • What do you value and why? 

So many times in the past I found myself starting on something random only to give up on it a few days later because I lost interest or I began to grow fearful. I use to get frustrated when I didn’t stick to it or I saw someone else move forward on there goals. I use to beat up on myself when I would get stuck. This happened to me time and time again until it hit me… my path had no purpose and I had no discipline.

Knowing that led me to the evaluation of self (you will hear me talk about this consistently because it really made a difference in my life) and asking myself the hard questions listed above. I say hard because as I asked myself those questions, I noticed that emotions came into play from time to time. One of the big reasons that I never really stuck with a goal was that I found myself in a war with myself, I fought fear of the unknown and doubt.

For instance, it took me 6 years to finally start my business. Now I’ve always worked in my business but I would always find myself stopping and starting and redoing my services and my business plan. I wasted countless hours calling myself trying to make it perfect when in actuality I was afraid. I was afraid of failing and I was afraid of making the wrong choice. The road to my Emerald City became a blur. In result, I found myself always trying to make big moves  that was unnecessary or even procrastinating because I was afraid of what would happen next. Amazingly enough, in the end after doing everything over and over again I ended up with the original idea that I started with and even more so… once I let go of fear… my purpose became clear and discipline became a little easier.

I had to learn that if you overcome fear by action, and stick to your goals you make moves, no matter if they are baby steps. As for failing, it’s really a learning experience that you can use to help you move further. 

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