My Journey to the Emerald City (The Creation of R2EC)

“Strength and growth come only through continous effort and struggle.” Napoleon Hill

It’s been a while since I last posted. I went through a self evaluation of my life and started to make goals on where I wanted to go and become. Some may think it is no value in that, but when you perform an evaluation of self, you have the opportunity to discover your power, purpose, and potiential. 

When I started my Road 2 Emerald City Blog, I honestly had no real direction, but the desire to do something different. I was a single mother of two living on low income and government assistance. Contrary to stereotypical belief, not everyone who receives assistance desires to live off the government for the rest of their lives…. at least I didn’t… I wanted more. It was a stepping stone for me and even during the time of struggle, I had a dream to become something more  than what I was at the time. My goal was to become an  successful serial entrepreneur and an inspiration to others. I knew that meant that I had to go on a journey that called for me to step outside my comfort zone, tread in new areas that I never seen before, meet encouragement along the way, and face life’s monsters that where there to help me grow. I had to go through these obstacles to reach my goal… my Emerald City. 

That is the reason for R2EC. I am still on my journey and this blog is about my experience and lessons I learn along the way. I chose to write about it as a motivation for myself and an inspiration  to others. Everyone has a dream and no matter how big or small you can obtain it. The goal is to be realistic and open minded cause life will take you where you need to go in order to grow into what you are meant to become. So if you can, join me on my journey. Share your dreams, comments, and aspirations. It will encourage me and others along the way. Thank you or reading… stay strong, stay humble, and stay blessed.


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