Taking Risks is Kryptonite to the Introvert


Well… this is a session of confession. Everyone has a different level or risk taking and learned that I can be very cautious when taking risks…. Matter fact, I can be so cautious at times that before I know it I allow fear to come in and talk me out of taking the risk. Now what’s crazy, is when it comes to why I stop, its sometimes not the fear of failing but… also the fear of succeeding.

Let me explain…
Its amazing how people who care about you from the outside can see your resistance to change or taking risks before you even acknowledge it. At one point of my life, I was trying to start my business and market myself. Getting my business organized and talking to people was not the problem… I was being to analytical and cautious about everything instead of just letting things be and dealing with issues as they come. I found myself constantly redoing things until they were perfect only to redo them again. Before he passed, my father saw this, in result, he went through a phase of telling useto stop holding back step out on faith. He saw more in me and had more faith in me than what I had in myself at the time. Honestly, I would get kinda frustrated with him when he would say that because I thought I was doing it at the time but now as I look back… I really wasnt.

Earlier this month, I did an evaluation of myself over the past four years and I noticed that I can be my own worst enemy when it comes to taking risks. There were many things I started and immediately stopped doing or didnt even attempt because I was afraid of the unknown. My emotions and negative thoughts made mountains out of molehills and in result there are many opportunities that I missed because I didnt go for them.

Well… for four years, I walked this path of complacency and I am at the point that I want to move forward and go to the next level. As I was taught growing up, God gives you everything you need for that moment… you just have to use it. In other words… step out on faith and the first step for me, was admitting my resistance. The second step… Is facing the fear by doing what I have to do regardless if I do or dont know the outcome.

I’m ready to reach my Emerald City and I pray for encouragement and strength for myself and others who need it along the way. Thanks for reading! Stay strong, stay humble, and stay blessed.


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