Breaking the Cycle of Negativity for Change


“Your perspective on life comes from the cage you were held captive in.”
Shannon L. Alder

When I was younger, I was always talked about in school because of my facial features and shy demeanor to the point that I would go home crying sometimes. I remember going through school with that negativity; the butt of everyone’s joke and the child who was uncool. To the point that it followed me to my young adult life. Honestly, it overwhelmed me to the point that I stopped caring about myself; the way I looked or the way I smelled didn’t matter to me and what’s worst is that I became comfortable with it. In the process of going through this, I had the support of my parents and uncle who would tell me positive things and I would hear them, but I wasn’t listening. Instead, I temporarily became a victim of negativity.

We all have been there and in some cases are still there now. It is the process of holding ourselves consistently in a negative mindset that can eventually take you over as a whole an becomes a part of your everyday life. The cycle of negativity is somewhat of a strong hold and if you allow it to, it can last for days or even years. It can start off as a negative situation, relationship, or choice that makes such an impact on us that it becomes our way of thinking. In result, you find yourself making bad decisions and living certain ways to satisfy your current way of thinking.  With this cycle, people can tell you all day that you just have to let it go and don’t trip off of it but getting out of that mindset is not always easy. Matter of fact, it was a process for me but it wasn’t until I made the decision in my mind and took action that things started to change.

Let me explain…

As you go through life you will come across situations that can either make an negative or positive impact on us and during those times, we decide on what to hold on to and deal with and what to let go of . Sadly, in most cases, we become more acceptable to the negative then we do the positive, then after we become complacent we find ourselves refusing to change and move forward because we have become accustomed to only accepting negative situations and outcomes, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Understand that you still have the power to make a change.

Yes it is a process but you can overcome. Over the next few post I will talk about how you can break the cycle.The steps to breaking the cycle of negativity are; changing the way you think, get rid of negative influences, stop living in the past, love yourself more, and take action to do something better. Today we will focus on changing the way you think.

The way you think can affect your life in a big way. Your life and the situations that you are dealing with really starts with how you view it. When you change the way you think, you change your outlook on a situation. The goal is to think logically instead of emotionally.If your looking at things from an emotional view than a logical view things seem a lot worse than they tend to be. When you think logically, you work on having a clear positive mind and take out time to think first and then apply the proper emotions. Take a couple of seconds out to think before you respond and also stay positive which could be as simple as being thankful for everyday or saying “I will overcome this situation!” PUT IT OUT THERE AND WATCH IT MANIFEST!

What do you do or did you do to break the cycle of negativity?

Thanks for reading! Until next time, stay strong, stay humble, and stay blessed!


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