You Work Best When God Takes The Lead!


Do you remember a point in time when you lost so much or you were put in a position where important things were at stake. Things seem to happen one after the other; your money was funny, things were getting cut off, or your family needed things you couldn’t supply at that time. I don’t know about you but at one point, this was overwhelming for me. I would get to a point of unexplained frustration and I started to complain.

“Here I am already being a single mother of two and a entrepreneur getting hit with the challenges of life! Nothing seems to go right,  every time I looked up it was something, this is wrong, that is wrong, this is a stake, my family needs this, they need that…” to the point that it was getting overwhelming.

I would pray and pray that God would take this issue away all together. Then one day while I prayed, I came to realize that… these situations are just obstacles. God does not give you no more than you can bear. He only gives you obstacles that he knows that you can and will overcome.

Let me explain…

The key is to say focused, stay positive, and keep God first. There is always some good in any bad situation, it just depends on if you acknowledge it or not. No matter how we feel and our issues (self created or strategically placed) that we are currently dealing with, God has a tendency to be in the background working out out while we are still trying to figure it out. Now through all our stressed out moments, when you think about it, we really have no need to focus on anything that is out of our control. When you know that God is working in your best interest, instead of focusing on the problem, look for the solution. When you are going through a situation that is taking you down, change your perspective and use that to pick you up. No matter the situation you can overcome just remember to let God Take the lead and stay focused. Thanks for reading. Till next time, stay strong, stay humble, and stay blessed.


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