The Motivational Story of a Lifetime


You know, sometimes we all come to a point where we want to give up, especially when times get rough. Recently, this happened to me. Running a successful business is quite rewarding in the long run, but that goes without saying that you will see some unwanted hard times during your journey. The other day was mine. I have had this business for almost 5 years and the other day, things got so overwhelming that I wanted to quietly give up. Usually my drive changes my mind rather quickly but this time the burdens were sinking in. While refusing to accept defeat, I had to find a solution, I had to find motivation. With the lack of knowing who to turn to at this hour, I turned to the one who can give me the best solution no matter what… God. In the mist of my mental war fighting to overcome defeat from the doubt demon, I feel to my knees in a desperate plea for help. I asked God, please give me words, please give me guidance, right now it is to much to bear, but you God can do all things. Please help me, give me motivation to go on.

After I took a moment to pray, I let go. Later on I get phone call from a close  friend of mine. We were talking about the ins and outs of the day until suddenly the conversation changed… he started to tell me about his life growing up. He told me about how in his younger years he was a great athlete in high school and he was the popular kid in school, but his life wasnt easy. No matter how popular he was, he never did anything fun because he was working in his dad’s auto shop for long hours, attending in school, and playing sports. His life was pretty much filled with non stop hard work, until one day something changed. Considering that he was working so hard at dad’s shop fixing cars and in school, it eventually rolled over to sports. In result, in football he became known as the mule. He was at the top of his game, schools wanted him, scholarships were offered to him, the time to chase his dreams were at hand… but he didn’t go. Not because he didn’t want to, but because his parents didn’t let him.

You see during the 60’s, it was kind of hard for some people to believe for someone, especially an African American could make good money in professional sports. With this thought in mind, and the fear that they would tricked into paying the scholarship money back his parents strongly refused stating that “You can’t make no money playing sports!” My friend was heart broken and he cried for about a week straight. His opportunity went down the drain with his dreams.

About a year passed after the disappointment. While watching TV with his parents, the news came on with a special report. A young man referred to as the “bonus baby” hit it big. He was a new rookie accepted into the a major baseball team at a salary of $30,000 with an additional bonus of $50,000 (at that time that was big money). What made him so special was not just the money, but the fact that he was drafted right from college. My friends parents sat watching the news with their mouths open, they couldn’t believe an athlete could make so much money. Disgusted, my friend walked out the room. He mother tried to apologize, but it was to late.

As I sat on awe listening to him, he went on to say “No matter what, strive to accomplish your dreams. I missed my opportunity, because I was not persistent, but I will not let you miss yours. Step out on faith Mea… and trust God.” Hearing his words, gave me hope. I started to realize that tough times don’t last but tough people do and this time was only temporary. My friend and I had a few more conversations until he fell ill the following week.

One day, in the middle of the night, I woke up to a phone call, my friend fell at his home. As I rushed to his aid and comfort his wife, it was like a dream. There he laid there lifeless as the paramedic struggled to bring him back. As they rushed him to the hospital while he was still unconscious, we trailed behind to get there at the same time. Upon arrival, the doctor met us as we took our seats… “Mrs. Hampton… I’m sorry… your husband didn’t make it.”

My heart stopped… my friend… my father was gone. As I held his wife in my arms and comforted my siblings, I took a blow of defeat. The doubt demon came to visit and the war began…

He got me when I least expected it. There was no words to be said, nothing to really to do. I felt lost, hurt, and defeated. Back and forth, blow after blow different stressful situations came forth. I took hits one after another until I fell wounded. As I laid there, I was ready to give… until I heard a familiar voice in a memory say “No matter what, strive to accomplish your dreams. I missed my opportunity because I was not persistent, but I will not let you miss yours. Step out on faith Mea… and trust God.” As I gathered my strength and humbled myself, I got on my knees and started to pray. During this time I admitted my pain, frustrations, anger, and every thing else that crossed my mind. In result, I felt stronger. I started to fight that demon once again, but this time with more force and we are still fighting until this day, but things are looking better and better each time. My father is on of the greatest men I have ever known. He taught me that the road may be rough right now but I realized that giving up is not an option and in times like this when the world seems like it’s closing in… you must step out on faith and trust God.  Thank you Dad, for you have given me the motivational story of a lifetime. Till we meet again.


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