An Idle Mind is the Devil’s Playground


Were you ever in the process of accomplishing your goals and one unexpected change suddenly made your life make a complete 180? It kinda knocks you off course if your not careful huh? Well, welcome to the club…there has been a few unexpected changes happening in my life that I have yet to fully adjust to. In result, I have officially went into my reset and plan b mode to keep myself on track. I’m pretty sure everyone has been through this and some may see this moment as no big deal because change is inevitable and I totally agree, but its not the change that I am focused on… its the idleness that can occur within the process.

On top of other things, one of the unexpected changes affected my business. I lost a major client due to the new budget for the fiscal year and even though I was prepared in most areas, I must admit I was not happy to get the news. For the most part, im pretty good at staying consistent and constantly moving forward, but this time I left a little too much time for my mind to idle. In result, the devil (negativity) began to set in and began to play on my thoughts.

As I woke up one morning I felt a little down. Even though I had a plan b, my life into a complete stand still. As the day went on, my idle mind started to affect my actions. I didn’t want to really be around anyone, I ate more, I was sleeping like crazy, and I didn’t want to move. Let’s face it my idle mind was slowly leading into a depressed state of thought. I knew that something was wrong but I didn’t acknowledge it because I didn’t want to accept it. I was trying to force myself past the issue. Suddenly, everything became overwhelming and I became frustrated and in the mist of my senseless frustration it hit me… an idle mind is the devil’s playground. I’ve been giving to negativity and its been consuming my actions.

Upon seeing what happened, I stopped and prayed. I acknowledged the issue and I asked God to help me get back on track because in the end he has the power and I will put my trust in him. Afterwards, I changed my thoughts and my ways to be on a more positive track. This gave me strength. Yes, the negativity tries to peer its ugly head but I continue to fight by keeping God at the head of my life and being thankful for what I have been blessed with.

So for those who are going through a hard time remember and idle mind is a devils playground. Don’t let negativity consume you. Stay strong and even though an obstacle comes your way keeping moving forward. Till next time, stay strong, stay humble, and stay blessed.


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